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The Czech LPIS project represents a new philosophy in the solution of a geographic information system for agricultural parcel identification. Its basic objective is to provide quality data about the agricultural land used in the Czech Republic, allowing for a trouble-free administration and control of agricultural aid applications. Czech LPIS is based on a single integrated central database in the Oracle Spatial environment, updated on-line in real time over a virtual private network. Czech LPIS is an independent reference register that serves farmers as a quick source of information about the land they use. Based on the information, they can not only complete their aid applications correctly, but also find out which limitations apply to their farming.

We would like to introduce you to Czech LPIS, a solution that has enabled the administration of agricultural aid applications in the Czech Republic since 1 May 2004 and that, in addition, has successfully cut the cost of operation of one of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture’s key information system segments.

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